February 26, 2006

This blog sucks

Okay - it doesn't really suck - but it's not very good. I don't update very often - what I say has little read-value, and there's not much originial stuff here.

Most of work is focused on my non-personal blogs, What is OpenOffice.org - GIMPShop dot Net - Valley Computers - and other websites - Prophecy Today - etc. But that doesn't excuse me from not keeping up my personal blog. So for both people who have read this blog - I apologize. That's not to say I'm really going to improve in the future, just that I'm sorry that it hasn't been done better so far.

I just saw that it's been a week since I said something, so I figured I'd speak up.

Valentine's Day really does suck, though. I haven't stopped thinking that.

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