February 14, 2006

I hate VD

VD = Valentine's Day.

i despise Valentine's Day - for all the obvious reasons. I don't have someone to share it with, being the biggest. But the fact that it's always exactly one-week after my birthday makes it worse. Plus, I completely agree with all the other people who say its a commerical holiday designed to sell flowers, candy, and greeting cards. And I agree that it's stupid to have a day that you "have to" be romantic.

Let me explain something, the few times I have been in a romantic relationship, I didn't need a "special day" set aside by the whole western world to remind me, "Oh yeah, I should be nice to my girlfriend!" There's a ton of expectation built into this day - there's a ton of hopes and dreams and most of them get shattered. And those that get met, it's like "Of course he bought me something! It's Valentine's Day!" so there's no real appreciation.

It's a horrible day that sees a spike in suicides and suicide attempts. It causes depression. It makes people lose hope. It keeps some couples together longer than they should be (We can't break up now, VD is just around the corner!)- it makes some people get engaged or married that shouldn't be (We've only known each other 3 months, but it would be so romantic to get engaged on VD!) - it breaks some people up before they should be (I'm not sure if this is going where I want it to - and I don't want to go through VD with her - so I'll just break it off now.) - it causes single (unattached) people to stop looking for a while (Who wants to hook up right before VD? There's too much pressure!) And, for me, it reminds me once again, that I'm _Blank_ years old, and still not with someone (since my b-day is a week before VD).

So, yeah, I'm bitter - so what? Tell me I'm wrong - I dares ya! Prove to me how beneficial and good VD is.

Comments are open...

Oh, and Happy - lol - like I'm gonna say that!

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